About us

We believe that Santiago is the starting point for any great Chilean vacations. We have designed our tours to maximize the generally short-term stay of the travelers in our city, which is a point of departure to the diverse ecosystems in Chile such as the Atacama Desert, Patagonia and Easter Island.

www.privatetours.cl is an organization specialized on small, homogenous groups who are looking for exclusive, private, individualistic and flexible tourism services in the capital of Chile and surrounding areas.


We want to transmit, educate and inspire the traveler interested in enjoying local and private tourism.

What does this mean?

We design our own tours from an urban-historical perspective: architecture, culture and heritage.

Benefits of booking with privatetours.cl

No stress

Drivers and guides dedicated to your well-being. Photo stops and breaks at your convenience.

Private transport

Your very own private, courteous driving chauffeur and air-conditioned mini-vans.

We pick you up

Our tours include private transportation from and to the hotel (only for hotels located in Santiago).

Credit card payment

You can now pay with credit card! (Visa, MasterCard, Magna, American Express or Diners)

More educational

Learn more with a one on one interaction with your private tour guide. (Santiago City Tours)

Family friendly

Our tours are family-friendly (please let us know if you travel with children).

Saves time

Your tour starts as soon as we pick you up. No waiting or picking up passengers from other hotels.